It’s now been 3 weeks since we released Vidello to the world. We’re delighted! Without people like you we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have in such a short amount of time and receiving positive feedback is great cause for motivation to keep up the hard work or even work harder. From the start we were experiencing some transcoding issues but with much delight this has been fixed and uploading your videos should now be much faster. Thanks for your patience during this time.

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Tracking Video Results with Vidello

Checking statistics is a daily routine for every successful business owner.

You might be checking your Google analytics for example to see where your website traffic is coming from, where they are based, how much time they spend on your website or if they buy something from you.

Likewise, Vidello also provides some of the most key statistics you as a business owner need to know in order to optimize your videos and pages.

Here are some examples of what statistics Vidello provides:

One of the most useful analytics shows how much attention your videos are getting so you know which videos are popular, and which ones you need to work on:

It also pays to know if your viewers are in fact your target market geographically. For this, we have statistics that show you where your viewers coming from. For example, here you can see that Vidello’s sales video primarily has viewers based in the United States, which is good news because that’s where we anticipated the majority of our market to be based in.

If you’re running a video campaign in order to collect leads, you can easily see how many leads were collected. Our A/B split testing tool can also help you here if you wish to test where the best place to position your opt-in form is in order to collect the most leads.

Our analytics also include information collected from the poll feature. Quickly check the valuable answers your viewers gave, which can help you direct your marketing based on your visitors’ feedback.

The Vidello team is continuously working on adding more useful data to the software, so watch out for more statistics that will be reflected in your account over time to help you find out more about how your videos are performing online.

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